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Cardboard farm shop from Dotcomgiftshop, published by Bobby RabbitIf your little one enjoys role play, then here's an amazing new toy from Dotcomgiftshop. This colourful Farm Store Playhouse is made from recyclable, biodegradable cardboard and measures a whopping 1m long and 1.5m high. With its authentic red and white stripy roof, it is printed all over with delicious-looking wares including crates of fruit and veg, milk, a selection of meats and cheeses, eggs, flour, potatoes, bread, jam and marmalade and bottles of fresh juices  - all organic (of course). It even features a runaway hen and a cat! Cardboard farm shop from Dotcomgiftshop, published by Bobby Rabbit Cardboard farm shop from Dotcomgiftshop, published by Bobby RabbitOn the inside there are measuring scales and various other kitchen utensils, a till, a notepad for taking orders and working out prices and a chopping board, offering so much scope for imaginary play. Ours has been an indoor shop, a kitchen, an outdoor cafe (with the most expensive tea and cake in the world - "that'll be £20 million please") and has been accessorised with various crates of wooden food, paper plates and cups, tables and chairs and a miniature shopping trolley - and not forgetting the all-important pretend till for cashing up the pennies at the end of the day. Being made from cardboard, the shop is super lightweight and easy to carry and move around, although at the same time it is surprisingly sturdy.  It is easily put together and taken apart again to be flat-packed away inside its carry-case. Cardboard farm shop from Dotcomgiftshop, published by Bobby RabbitAlready a firm favourite in our house/garden, the farm shop is the perfect summer role play toy. Lovely in the garden when the sun is shining, and just as lovely inside when it isn't. And at just £29.95 it offers amazing value for money too. Thank you Dotcomgiftshop for offering us the opportunity to test it out. We have a funny feeling we'll be playing shops and cafes for many weeks to come...
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