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Construction Party Kit from Little Lulubel, published by Bobby RabbitEver wished that party planning was a little more simple? That you could create a beautiful, stylish event that your child will love, without having to trawl through several websites or stores to get all the bits and pieces? Well… the problem is now solved, thanks to this very lovely gem of a website, Little Lulubel. After the birth of her first daughter, Natalia (founder of Little Lulubel and now a busy working mum of three) struggled to find a one-stop-shop where she could buy everything she needed - and liked - for her daughter's birthday parties. And so she decided to create one. Little Lulubel takes all the stress out of children's party planning, with a range of party 'kits' to suit all ages, boys and girls alike. Each kit contains everything you need for the perfect celebration, including tableware, decorations and in some cases even the invitations, leaving only the party bags to sort. You can choose kits for 8, 16 or 24 party guests (or alternatively purchase one or two kits and buy the additional bits and pieces separately to make up the numbers). And for those of you that like to add a more personal touch, Little Lulubel also sells everything individually so you can mix and match to your heart's content. Every kit is beautifuly presented with the most meticulous of detail and attention to colour, pattern and theme. We've selected three of our favourites, but there are so many to choose from - make sure you check out their site and see for yourself! Pictured above is the Construction Party Kit, the perfect party theme for machine-mad munchkins (with a smart mid blue and bright yellow colour palette to match). Prices for this kit start at £56 for 8 guests. Circus Party Kit from Little Lulubel, published by Bobby RabbitNext up is the Circus Party Kit (above), starting at £46 for 8 party goers. A gorgeous, bold and contrasting colour combination of bright red, turquoise, yellow, blue and monochrome, and stripes, solids and diamond patterns. Fun in the Sun Party Kit from Little Lulubel, published by Bobby RabbitAnd last but not least, the Fun in the Sun Kit, starting at £39 for 8 children. Bright and colourful, including this fabulous ice-cream and candy patterned tableware that we just *love*, this is one for summery parties in the garden/in the park/on the beach! So next time you're faced with the challenge of planning the perfect party - whatever the season and whatever the weather - Little Lulubel is a lovely place to start (and finish), with everything you need for the event in one box. Simple, straightforward and stress-free, with one very stylish celebration at the end of it.
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