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Jellycat soft toys Arnie Anteater and Larry Lizard, published by Bobby RabbitSay hello to Larry and Arnie, the newest additions to the fabulous Jellycat family. Larry is a loveable lizard, with khaki green, textured skin, a soft, scaly back and webbed feet, with big, wide eyes that make you want to give him a huge cuddle (and at 29cm tall, he's the perfect size for little arms and hands to do just that). Arnie the Anteater is somewhat on the larger side at almost 42cm tall, and slightly hairier with it. But incredibly cute and every bit as adorable as his pal Larry with his thick grey fur, bushy tail and long pointed nose for hunting down those pesky ants. And his facial expression is both hilarious and endearing. With a sly smile and half closed eyes, he looks a little bit naughty, a little bit mischievous yet ever so charming, in a cheeky kind of way. They've been having fun in our garden this week, getting aquainted on the picnic table and foraging around in the log pile for tea. Here they are on the lookout for ants and flies (if that's what lizards eat). And by the looks of it, they've settled in quite nicely together. Jellycat soft toys Arnie Anteater and Larry Lizard, published by Bobby Rabbit Larry Lizard, £15 and Arnie Anteater, £25 are both available at Jellycat's lovely new online shop.
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