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'Lola' dolls house desk, designed in France by Atelier Sans Souci and available from Sisters Guild, published by Bobby RabbitAt a first glance, you'd say this is a giant dolls house on legs. And that's exactly what it is, except it's also a play table, a desk, a dressing table or a display shelf... whatever their imagination wants it to be! Designed in France by Atelier Sans Souci and made from solid oak (with lacquered beech interior box and steps), the Lola Dolls House Desk now available at Sisters Guild is not only functional but also a pretty stylish accessory for your child's room. We love its simplicity - it's basically a box with a roof on top - but the added attention to detail such as the 3 different sized cut out windows, the coloured bedroom box and steps, and the unusual 'odd one out' leg make it truly special. It measures 129cm high, 72.5cm wide and 52cm deep - meaning plenty of space to read, write, draw and play, yet still small enough to be cute and childlike without overpowering the room. And the great thing is, they can add as many accessories for it as they wish! More boxes = more rooms, or keep it simple and use it both as a play and a homework space. At £930, it isn't cheap, but then you wouldn't expect it to be. It is however a truly unique, multi-functional and stunning piece of furniture that will grow with your child from birth to teens - a playful dolls house that transforms into one of the most beautiful desks we have ever seen.
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