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Vilac Wooden Pull-Along Dog from AlexandAlexa, published by Bobby RabbitFrench wooden toy creators Vilac have been busy bringing this lovely little character to life, right in time for Christmas. And he's pretty special too. Designed by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara and part of Vilac's art collection, not only does he pull along by his string lead, but his spring neck and tail will result in plenty of nodding, shaking and tail wagging along the way! Babies and toddlers will adore the simple design and contrasting colours, whilst older children will love to look after him as their very own pet. And when play is over he'll look pretty stunning on the bedroom shelf or by the fireplace. Available now for £60 from AlexandAlexa, this is a true family heirloom toy that can be passed down for generations to come. In fact, just the sort of little treasure we love.
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