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Pink House Bed (image sourced on the boo and the boy), published by Bobby RabbitIt may be the end of the holidays - and long lie-ins (if you were lucky!) - but that doesn't mean we can't kick off the New Year with some fun and stylish little places to take a nap. In fact, these beds are so much fun that who knows, they may even encourage a few extra 'zzzz's on Saturday and Sunday mornings!

The good news is, all of them are make-able at home - meaning less expense overall and endless customisation possibilities... The bad news is, the 'making' bit may not be too easy unless you're a DIY enthusiast! But don't let that put you off - you could always call upon someone who is.

The Pink House Bed, above, is one of our all time favourite beds. With a super simple frame shape (and how gorgeous is that dusky pink colour?), this is a bed and a play space all rolled into one. Accessorise it with curtains to create a cosy sleeping/reading nook, some sparkly fairy lights for a magical touch or some pretty bunting to add a splash of colour. So cute - and with the size to fit the mattress, you can make it as little or as large as you like. In double size, it's perfect for a sleepover!

This House Bed (below), designed by Norsu Interiors in Australia is equally as gorgeous. Add splashes of colour through the bedding and cushions, or keep it smart in striking monochrome... It can also be accessorised with curtains to create a den, or decorated with a couple of hanging garlands and fairy lights - but personally, we think the simpler the better with this one: 'House' bed (image sourced on, published by Bobby RabbitWhilst we're on the subject of dens, this Ikea Bunk Bed (or any bunk bed) can be turned into a castle, a den, a space ship, a house, a boat - literally whatever your child's imagination wants it to be - by the addition of your very own curtain with cut out windows. We're loving the simplicity of this idea - it transforms the bed into a playful yet stylish little hideaway, with all the colour through the accessories (alternatively, you could make the curtain as detailed or as colourful as you like, keeping the rest of the room neutral...) DIY Bunk Bed Fort (image sourced on Handmade Charlotte), published by Bobby RabbitFor the more experienced DIY do-ers, here's a cosy Built-In Cabin Bed just perfect for making the most of a corner or side wall space. With the bed itself being slightly raised (you can alter the height as you wish), there is plenty of room for clothes/bedding/toy/book storage underneath, leaving the rest of the room free for play! And how much fun would it be to snooze inside your very own log cabin? Built-In Cabin Bed (image sourced from Home Design Board), published by Bobby RabbitAnd last but not least, this amazing Bright Yellow Bed is one of the most striking of them all…. Take a pine bed frame and spray paint it bright yellow - or any colour you wish (just be careful that the paint is non-toxic and child-safe), and how stunning does it look? We love the twist of taking a traditional bed shape and finish and transforming it into a bright, contemporary colour that will become the highlight of any bedroom. And we must say, that yellow is totally spot on for both boys and girls. Yellow Bed (image sourced on Classy Clutter), published by Bobby Rabbit So whether you're planning a re-decoration project, making the move to a big girl/boy bed or simply looking for a new and fun place for your little one to snooze, have a think about doing it yourself. It might take a little more time, but there's a lot of money to be saved - and you'll end up with a special, one-of-a-kind bed that your child will love and remember for years and years to come.

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