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Bioserie Stacker Toy from Toyella, published by Bobby RabbitNow here's a clever little invention, part of a brand new toy collection from global brand Bioserie, and just launched at Toyella. At a first glance, it looks just like a plastic stacker. And yes, it is just that - except that it is made from a revolutionary new environmentally friendly and 100% baby safe material called bioplastic. You see, bioplastic is made from plants rather than oil and petrochemicals. So unlike other toys made from regular plastic (even plastic materials that are still derived from petrochemicals but are PVC and phthalate-free), it contains absolutely ZERO harmful chemicals. Meaning no risk for little mouths - and as it is produced using natural renewable plant based resources with considerably less greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture - it is far kinder to our environment, too. The design of the toy has also been carefully considered - as you can see from the pictures below, it can be turned over and stacked in all manner of ways, improving children's logic, dexterity and motor skills. Babies will love the bright colours and shapes, and when play is over, it can be placed in the dishwasher all ready for more fun the next day. Bioserie Stacker Toy from Toyella, published by Bobby RabbitIn addition to the stacker (which is £15.99), the Bioserie collection includes a plastic teether for babies (£6.49). What better gifts for a newborn baby or first birthday? And the best bit? Thanks to its clever design, it can be played with over and over just like a puzzle, way beyond toddler-hood. Our little girl, 4, would love it as much her younger brother. Bioserie Stacker Toy from Toyella, published by Bobby Rabbit
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