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Candy Sweet Girls Room - as featured on Mini StyleIt's true - rooms for little girls can be pink, girly - and so, so sweet!

We are discovering lots of beautiful spaces for our mini-mes at the moment, so we thought we would share some of our favourite finds. And they have one thing in common - fresh white, a touch of monochrome accessorised with layers of gorgeous candy tones of pink, purple, mint and even lemon yellow. So lovely for summer (and beyond)!

Above is Freya's room, age 4, discovered right here on Mini Style. We LOVE the little toddler bed (not to mention the miniature version for her toys - lucky toys!), as well as the black and white touches with greys, purples and pinks. And THOSE moon prints - no words! Candy Sweet Girls Room - as featured in ZilviHere's the little dolls bed again, this time featured on Zilvi. And when coupled with the miniature teepee it's just the job for hours of role play fun! We love the idea of creating a role play corner in the room - a place where the toys can sleep at night and come to life through imaginary adventures during the day time.

If ever there were proof that children's rooms are all about the accessories, the room below says it all. Discovered on Instagram and created by Sophie of Kids Design Life in Sweden, everything - just everything - from the stacked up candy coloured cases beside the bed to the garlands wrapped around the white metal bed frame - makes us smile. Pretty, girly, pink - and perfect. And how many little girls wouldn't want a giant lollipop on their wall? Candy Sweet Girls Room - as featured in Kids Design LifeAnd since when did walls HAVE to be plain? The bedroom below, discovered right here on La Tazzina Blu takes the idea of a feature wall to a whole new level - and wow, what a result! A play corner, a house, a reading corner, a sleep zone… whatever you want to create to define a special space, do it just like this using contrasting paint and wall decals: Candy Sweet Girls Room - as featured on La Tazzina BluAnd last but not least, the bedroom below belonging to little Livia in Holland and seen here in Babiekins Magazine is sooo cute! We adore the vintage table and chair with the shelves above it to display all of Livia's favourite books and toys. The bright pinks and mint tones contrast beautifully with the fresh white walls. And as in all of these rooms, the hint of monochrome looks pretty stunning as well. Candy Sweet Girls Room - as featured in Babiekins MagazineSo if you're about to embark on a new room for your little princess, and are on a no-pink rule, think again - pink can be so pretty and so magical when accessorised with fresh white and other candy tones. Sweet!

Candy Sweet Girls Room - as featured on Mini Style
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