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Children's activity books, available at Bobby Rabbit.Have you seen our book collection yet? 

Full to the brim with our favourite children's activity books to encourage creativity and inspire little minds, if you're looking for a gift for a special someone, then why not give one of these a whirl? 

A Christmas Carol (£6) from our Babylit series is a beautifully illustrated board book that teaches babies and toddlers all about colours (silver chains, gold stars, green wreaths...), whilst introducing them to the famous story in a delightfully visual way. If you love this, check out the other books in this series, including The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Jungle Book and Pride and Prejudice. They make amazing gifts for newborns and first birthdays (not to mention first visits from Santa).

Let's Make Some Great Placemat Art (£8.95) by Marion Deuchars is such a fun book, we'd quite happily buy one for ourselves! The perfect way to keep kids entertained at the table this Christmas, the book is packed full of tasks such as design your own pasta shapes, and draw your favourite meal... And when the masterpieces are all complete, why not laminate and use them as placemats in your home? 

Alphabet (£9.99) by Alain Gree is a wonderful gift for young children learning their letters. From A for apple to C for car, each letter is illustrated in a Alain Gree's fabulous retro style that takes us right back to our own school days. Remove the cover and you have an alphabet wall frieze to hang on your little one's wall!

Maps Activity Book (£8.99) is the little brother of the famous Maps book (also available in our book shop). This amazing book is full of tasks and challenges such as design your own desert island, or decorate an elephant, all whilst exploring the Amazon! The perfect present for little explorers. 

The Scribble Book (£8.99) by Herve Tullet is a fun book where kids can scribble and scrawl to their hearts' content (no colouring in the lines allowed here...) They get to scribble out the dust balls and feed their scribbles to a hungry monster - and in a nutshell, let their imaginations run wild!

The Super Book for Superheroes (£9.95) by Jason Ford is full of missions for your little superhero. From creating masks to designing robots - and even time travelling to 4013 - in addition to all the fun tasks and challenges, they will find their very own superhero certificate at the back of the book. 

So if you're still stuck for gifts, we'll happily ship you a book or two - and we can guarantee that you'll love them as much as we do. Check out the rest of our book collection right here. 

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