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Favourite Five... Shared Bedrooms 17 Jul

Shared girls' room by Anna Fritsch of Lucky Penny Blog, as featured on Bobby Rabbit.If you have more than one child, you may have considered creating a shared space for them. I mean, what could be more fun than a sleepover every single night of the week, right?

Research has shown that sharing a bedroom can help encourage sibling bonding, especially at a young age. And contrary to popular belief, thanks to bunkbeds and clever storage solutions, you don't actually need a huge space... In fact, overall you'll save space in your home whilst gaining an extra room or two - so as long as your little ones sync their sleeping habits (easier said than done, I know!) - it's a win-win all round.

Today we are sharing some of our favourite shared room discoveries. From bunks to big boy beds, it's all about maximising the layout and available space, whilst adding fun touches, colour and individual personality through the accessories.  

Pictured above (and below) is a stunning modern and colourful bedroom created by Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny for her girls in their Brooklyn apartment. What an amazing use of space! Lining the beds up against the wall in this way means that the beds can double up as sofas by day, whilst leaving plenty of room for play. We adore the bright colour pops against the fresh white walls, and we're also happy to see all that Ana loves Natti Natti bedding as much as we do (take a look at our selection of Natti Natti bedding in our soft furnishings collection in store).

Girls' shared room by Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny blog, as featured on Bobby Rabbit.Pictured below is another beautiful shared girls' room, designed by Petite Interior Co in Australia. Displaying favourite story books next to each bed (how stunning are those perspex bookshelves?) and piling each bed with fun cushions gives each space its very own identity. And as for those pretty pastel colours...

Girls shared room by Petite Interior Co, published by Bobby Rabbit.Below is a fun boys' room by Nest Design Studio, created for Hugh and Charles. Monochrome, green and orange against a backdrop of white exposed brickwork gives the room a modern industrial feel. The accessories tell a story of exploration and wild adventure, whilst adding unique personal touches and originality to each boy's own space.

Boys' shared bedroom, created by Nest Design Studio and featured on Bobby Rabbit.This sweet girls' room (below) was spotted on Homes To Love - and we love it too, for so many reasons! The grey house headboards are such a cute and simple way of 'framing' the beds and making them a feature within the room. And the use of dusky pink, soft grey and muted beige and ivory together is both calming, timeless and beautiful:

Girls' shared room, as seen on Homes To Love and featured on Bobby Rabbit.If you fancy creating the same effect in a boys' room through colour, then take a look at this fun space styled by Linda of Live Loud Girl for her boys at home: 

Boys' shared room by Live Loud Girl, as featured on Bobby Rabbit.Dusky blues and forest green complement the white walls and natural wood of the furniture, whilst the toys and accessories tell the story and add the perfect finishing touch (and can be easily updated and refreshed as the boys grow older).

So, before you dismiss the idea of room-sharing completely, think about whether it could work for you, your children and your home... You'll gain an extra room. Your kids will love the extra company and sleepovers! And if nothing else, you'll have a whole lot of fun decorating the space.

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