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Little Space - Big Imagination! 17 Aug

Monochrome boy's bedroom, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Just because their room is little, doesn't mean it can't be fun.

Our son Jasper has the smallest room of our house. He inherited it even before he was born, shortly after his sister moved out of her nursery and into her 'big girl room'. It was the perfect nursery - cute, calm and cosy, tucked away at the back of the house. Fast forward a couple of years and with an energetic toddler on our hands, it was time to adapt it. 

We started with the bed, replacing the cot with a toddler bed. We wanted to create an area where Jasper could sleep at night but where we could sit and read his favourite books together during the day. The Oeuf NYC Perch Toddler Bed offers just that. With a removable side rail, it cleverly doubles up as a safe and snuggly toddler bed by night, and a sofa by day... In fact, it makes the perfect kids sofa once your child has outgrown it as a bed.

We added some soft jersey cotton Superbatty Bedding by Tobias and The Bear - which Jasper LOVES - and piled it high with fun cushions, including Robots, Rabbits and not forgetting his favourite Noodoll Ricedapper (or 'Moustache Man', as Jasper has named him).

Two years on, he still enjoys sitting on his bed and playing with his toy cushions (in general, this involves throwing them around and play fighting, but still)...

Monochrome boy's room, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Jasper is fascinated by space, and loves to imagine his bed as a spaceship, so we added some of our Star Wall Stickers to help bring it all to life! In fact, the stars have been amazing at helping him fall asleep at night, as he lies in bed and counts them all (no need for sheep in our house).

Beside the bed, the matching Oeuf NYC Mini Library Bedside Table not only looks smart, but it is SO practical, as it comes with a big cupboard for storing away books, toys - and, of course, secret pirate treasure! There is plenty of room on top for a bedside light and a favourite toy or two:

Oeuf NYC Mini Library Bedside Table with prints by Mini Learners, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Let's Build A Fort and Be Brave Prints by Mini Learners, £15.
Baby Panda Lamp by Lapin and Me, £45 (was £65).
Maverick Sheriff Car by Playforever, £42.

Opposite the bed, we have made the most of the space next to the window with a book shelf that displays all of Jasper's favourite books, and a play table where he will sit for hours (current favourite games - building anything out of lego, and imaginary role play with his mini superhero figurines):

Monochrome boy's bedroom, styled by Bobby Rabbit.In-between the window and the bed is his wardrobe for clothes storage and hiding away other mess, and we have one or two storage bags and baskets scattered around for all his toys... Which still leaves plenty of space for playing on the floor, on the bed or sitting at his play table. 

So it is possible to have a little space that sparks big imaginations! It is just a question of considering both the layout of the room and the accessories you choose. Now aged 4, Jasper has outgrown his cot bed, so we are currently researching high sleepers and loft beds... and possibly even a bespoke creation, so watch this space! 

A final note on colour - we love monochrome, but we love it even more with an extra colour thrown in! In our case, mint green (but bright yellow and turquoise blue work just as well - and even soft pink too for a cool girl's room - take a look at the one we created here). 

Our advice? Don't worry about the size of the room - just go for it. Have fun, and let the accessories do the rest.

Monochrome boy's room, styled by Bobby Rabbit.

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