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Abracadabra Children's Bedroom by Bobby Rabbit.Abracadabra Children's Bedroom

With so much choice out there, the thought of decorating your child's space can be completely overwhelming. One of the questions we often get asked is, "where do I start?"

Well, worry not - because today we're sharing our top tips on exactly where to start, and how to create that special spark of magic in your child's space.

Hide and Seek Children's Bedroom by Bobby Rabbit.Hide and Seek Children's Bedroom

Top Tip 1

Begin by creating a blank canvas in the room. By 'blank canvas' we mean neutral walls, flooring, curtains and blinds. By all means, paint or paper a feature wall, but try to resist the temptation to make this decision before you have planned the theme and colour pallet for the rest of the room.

Fairy Garden Children's Bedroom by Bobby Rabbit.Fairy Garden Children's Bedroom

Top Tip 2

Think about space. Is your child's room small? If so, a loft bed (as pictured above) is a great space-saving idea as you can make the most of the area underneath it. Add a chest of drawers or clothes storage. How about bookshelves on the wall? Or a rug or play mat with some toy baskets to keep it all tidy? Throw in some cushions and fairy lights to wind around the slats underneath, and suddenly you have a fun little den and a cosy play space!

Hide and Seek Children's Bedroom by Bobby Rabbit.Under the Stars Children's Bedroom

Top Tip 3

Is you child transitioning from a cot to their first big boy/girl bed? If so, it is definitely worth considering a low bed to sit on the floor and prevent any night time tumbles. 

Soft Toys and Accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Top Tip 4

We all know how quickly they grow up, so why not choose a cot bed that transforms to a sofa as they get older? Our Perch Toddler Bed does just that, and comes with a handy side rail that is easy to remove once your child is old enough. 

Spaceships and Superheroes Children's Bedroom by Bobby Rabbit.Spaceships and Superheroes Children's Bedroom

Top Tip 5


You've picked the basics - now's the time to decide on colours and themes. And without a doubt, this is the BEST bit!

Cushions, rugs, wall art, stickers, decorative garlands and lighting are relatively inexpensive to replace and update. Yet, these are the elements that really set the scene and start to tell a story! 

Think about what your child loves, and bring that into their room. Do you have a little space explorer on your hands? How about some star wall stickers or bedding? A superhero fan... how about a cushion or wall light? Dino obsessed? A light or a soft toy to sit on the bed! Car mad? A road-printed play rug! Don't forget to consider their favourite colours, too.

You don't need to go mad. But by introducing touches of their favourite things, you'll make their room feel really special and personal to them. Do not be afraid to mix and match - it's far more fun than a perfectly co-ordinated look, we promise!

Have a look at Instagram for ideas; save your favourite pics; start a Pinterest board. Check out our Bedtime Stories collections, where you and your child can choose your favourite theme together, then shop the look.

And finally, once you have chosen the accessories, you can decide on that feature wall. You never know - you might not need one, after all.

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