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Once Upon A Time... 23 Jan

Bobby Rabbit....there was a little rabbit, tucked away inside a shoe box. His ears were threadbare and his fur no more; but he didn't mind, because he knew that this meant he was Real. 

"When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with but REALLY loves you, then you become Real." (Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit).

This is OUR story of a much-loved, much-hugged and very Real soft toy, Bobby Rabbit.

Bobby arrived from Nana on my first birthday, and from that day onwards he accompanied me everywhere... at home, in the park, on play dates and - clutching his ear and my best friend's hand - on my first day at nursery:

The story of Bobby Rabbit.This special soft toy is the inspiration behind my brand. Holding on to years of treasured childhood memories, I believe that every child deserves a Bobby Rabbit of their very own.

Three years ago, I grew this blog into an online shop - a home for beautiful toys and home accessories to cherish when small, and remember with a smile when tall. A place where kids and their grown ups can be inspired - a lovingly curated collection of products to spark imaginations, carefully selected from all over the globe and brought to life in a series of magical Bedtime Stories.

Hide and Seek Children's Room, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Above: Hide and Seek

We love every single product in our store... and we love telling stories with them! We turn beds into tents (or spaceships... or treehouses), accessorising them with all our favourite finds to create a bedroom or playroom to spark little imaginations.

Spaceships and Superheroes Children's Room, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Above: Spaceships and Superheroes

From a treasured soft toy to a children's interiors brand, our story is intrinsic to everything we do. Our hope is that you may find in our collection a Bobby Rabbit of your very own.

Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.And even if you don't, we're pretty certain you'll have fun creating some lifelong memories along the way. 

Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Image 1
Buddy Bunny Soft Toy, £25.00.
Sixten Tiger Soft Toy, £49.50.
See-Ya Suitcase Mint, £59.00.
Basile Polar Bear, £52.00.
Forest Organic Cotton Bedding Set, from £55.00.

Image 2
Pet Care Set, £30.00.
Baby Daisy Dog Toy Cushion, £29.00.
Lancelot Lion Soft Toy, £21.00.
Penelope Poodle Soft Toy, £21.00.
Clarissa Cat Soft Toy, £21.00.

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