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Raindrops on Roses Children's Bedroom by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: Raindrops on Roses Children's Room, styled by Bobby Rabbit.

If you shop around for girls' bedroom inspiration, you will find a lot of pink. Baby pink, pale pink, candy pink, pastel pink... For sure, pink is a pretty colour - and if you ask the average six year old, it probably appears somewhere in her 'five favourite colours' list. But is it really necessary to pigeonhole girls into all pink ALL of the time? 

Today we thought we'd share our top five tips for creating a beautiful, magical room for your little princess without the typical 'pink princess' style. Yes, there is still quite a bit of pink (and don't get us wrong, pink can be beautiful too especially when mixed with other colours), but as you will see, there are plenty of alternative ways to create a pretty space for your child that she'll adore, and you'll love too.

Here are a few of them:

1. Choose pastels and greys.

Star cushions and peacock decoration, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: Pink Peacock Decoration by Scalae, £60.00 and Star Cushions by Nununu, from £28.00.

As you can see in both pictures above, pink looks stunning when mixed with soft grey, other pastel colours and even deeper shades. In fact, that's exactly what inspired us to create our Raindrops on Roses bedroom at the end of last year. Mint, teal, turquoise and grey all feature in this room, 'softening' and contrasting with the pink whilst still keeping the room looking pretty.

2. Add a delicate print or two.

Children's room accessories and liberty prints, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: Accessories from Raindrops on Roses Children's Room by Bobby Rabbit.

We fell in love with British brand Little Cloud whilst we were researching this collection, and were thrilled to welcome them to Bobby Rabbit last year. Everything is made using the prettiest fabrics - think dainty florals and miniature liberty prints - and the square cushions you see in the photo above have been designed especially to match our best-selling Swan Princess and Rabbit cushions (which are printed on the reverse with the same liberty print fabrics), as well as our adorable Ballerina Musical Cushion. Adding a delicate print or two is a lovely way to introduce contrasting colours, whilst breaking up larger expanses of colour in the room.

3. Add a touch of sparkle.

Children's toys and accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: Accessories from A Magic Tent Children's Room by Bobby Rabbit.

Whether it's silver, gold, copper or rose, a touch of sparkle can go a long way to making the room look even more magical. Just don't go overboard - a splash of silver or a glint of gold is usually all that is needed. 

4. Introduce a unicorn (or a swan, or a bunny, or a cloud...) 

Stardust and Unicorns Children's Bedroom, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: Stardust and Unicorns Children's Room, styled by Bobby Rabbit.

Favourite animals, beautiful birds, magical stars and dreamy clouds - whatever she loves, throw them in to add character to the room and spark her imagination!  

Swan Head, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: Odette Swan Head by Sew Heart Felt, £65.00

5. Encourage imaginary play.

A Magic Tent Children's Play Room, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: A Magic Tent Children's Room by Bobby Rabbit.

Children's imagination knows no limits, so that's why their room should be a place where they can play as well as rest and sleep. Even in a small space, a 'den corner' will create hours of fun (and if you really don't have the space, why not consider a House Bed that can turn into a sofa AND a den come day time?)

Our new Ivory Teepee Tent (pictured above) is so pretty! It comes with a coral pom pom, and lots of space to accessorise it with other garlands, cosy cushions and favourite toys. In other words, plenty of room for make believe, whilst looking sweet in the bedroom or playroom. 

So, in summary, if pink's your thing, think pink! But also think soft pastels, pretty prints, a touch of sparkle, magical unicorns, stars, swans, clouds... whatever they love - and whatever will spark their little imaginations. 

For more room styling ideas, and to take a closer look at the products and rooms featured in this post, take a look at our Shop and Bedtime Stories where twice a year, we style and create brand new bedrooms using favourite products from our shop.

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