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Savannah! 09 Apr

‘Savannah!’ Children’s Playroom, Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Last week we brought you all the way to Treasure Island; this week it's across the desert and into the wilderness of Savannah!

We always have fun creating playrooms, and this one was no exception. Far from the bold colour statements of our Rainbow Bright or Treasure Island rooms, this summery bedtime story was inspired by all the beautiful natural materials we had found on our trade fair travels: rattan, raffia, cotton and straw, with pops of contrasting coral, rose pink and mint.

The stars of the Savannah show are, without a doubt, our amazing handmade Lion Wall Decorations by artisans Ily Y Ela in Spain. Each one is carefully woven using cotton and raffia, with your choice of pink or metallic gold cheeks (no, we couldn't choose between them either...!) 

Mini Library Shelf, Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Lion Wall Decoration (pink cheeks), £69.95.
Animals of Europe A3 Print, £18.00.
Animals of Africa A3 Print, £18.00.
Oeuf NYC Mini Library Shelf, £559.00.
Piki Basket - Mint, £29.00.
Gordon Guinea Pig soft toy, £18.00.
Ricesavanna soft toy, £25.00.
Small Peach Retro Basket, £8.00.
Holdie House dolls house, £65.00.
Sophie Sheep soft toy, £21.00.
Ray Zebra, £44.00.
Sheriff Gaucho wooden toy, £40.00.
Felt Bunny Banner, £25.00.
Leopard Rug, £65.00.
Raffia Basket - Mint, £30.00.
Luis Llama soft toy, £25.00.
Luggy Basket - Mint, £49.00.

As if by magic and just as we were finalising our summer collection, illustrator Katie Viggers (author of one of our favourites, The Book of Bears) got in touch to show us her stunning wall art collection, including these beautiful watercolour style Animals Of Europe and Animals of Africa A3 prints, pictured above (she also designed Apes in Capes too which unsurprisingly, also found its way into our wall decor collection this season!) 

Throw in the stunning new colourways of rattan Luggy and Piki Baskets by Olli Ella, bright raffia storage baskets by Rice, and the earthy tones of our new Leopard Rug by Danish brand Oyoy, and you have a perfect blend of natural materials and colours, with a contrasting and playful pop of brights.

Teepee Tent, Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Ivory Teepee Tent (Beige Pompom), £149.00.
Miss Moon Wall Light, £45.00.
Musical Peacock Mobiles in old rose, mustard and canal green, £35.00 each.
Dipped Tassel Garland, £23.00.
Wooden Toy Pram, £99.00.
Miss Lala Lava soft toy, £58.00.
Nino Cockatoo decoration, £65.00.
Unicorn Rug, £64.00.
Ricesavanna soft toy, £25.00.
Velvet Cat Cushion - Rose, £25.00.
Set of 2 Cat Suitcases, £25.00. 

Let's talk tents (and let's face it, no safari is complete without one...) Now, this Teepee is by no means a new addition to our collection, but it's a firm favourite and definitely deserves a special mention! 

It comes in your choice of ivory (as pictured) or grey with a selection of pompom colours, ranging from ivory to beige, as well as grey and bright coral/peach. It also comes with a soft, padded mat for inside, a huge inner storage pocket for all those toys, tie-back 'doors' and a little window with a roll up blind, for night-time of course.

You can accessorise it with extra tassels and favourite cushions and toys to inspire let's pretend and imaginary play, or keep it calm for reading and quiet time. It really is SO versatile!

We have already mentioned our passion for handmade finds, and this beautiful Nino Cockatoo hanging wall decoration by French brand Scalae and Co is one of the best. It's the latest in our collection of treasures from this Marseille-based atelier, including also our best-selling Mum and Baby Whale Mobile and Charlie Toucan in cream and grey

We were equally delighted to introduce these lovely musical Peacock Mobiles by Cam Cam Copenhagen in 3 stunning colours: old rose, mustard and canal green. And did you spot the Ooh Noo Toy Pram yet...? Nope, we couldn't resist it this time, so here it is, now available at Bobby Rabbit. 

Last but certainly not least is our stunning new 'Miss Moon' Wall Light by Rose in April, the creators of our favourite Joseph Bunny Lamp. Touch-sensitive, with a one hour timer to preserve battery life, this is the perfect addition to your child's wall, especially if your little one isn't keen on falling asleep in the dark.

Children’s Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Let's Play Sleeping Lions Poster 50 x 70cm, £30.00.
Musical Peacock Mobile - Mustard, £35.00.
Dolls House Bed, £55.00.
Riceaahaah soft toy, £25.00.
Lancelot Lion soft toy, £21.00.
Larry Lobster soft toy, £22.00.
Sheldon Shrimp soft toy, £15.00.
Dream Friend - Mermaid, £18.00.
Dream Friend - Rainbow Fairy, £18.00.
Koala Rug, £65.00.

This blog post wouldn't be complete without a special mention of our amazing Let's Play Sleeping Lions Poster by fellow Yorkshire brand Seb & Charlie. We spotted this a while ago on Instagram, and it couldn't be more perfect for this collection... So perfect in fact, we wrote a whole bedtime story about it!

To us, this photo captures the spirit of Bobby Rabbit to a T - favourite finds, styled together to create a playful and humorous touch that both kids and adults will appreciate. And let's not forget the toys, too.

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