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Treasure Island 01 Apr

‘Treasure Island’ Children’s Bedroom, Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Imagine a boat, washed up on the shores of a desert island. Or a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean, inhabited by sea creatures! Welcome to the first in our series of summer collection room tours - Treasure Island

At the beginning of each season, we start with a vision for the collection, then we set out to bring it to life... We search high and low for products that will help to tell our story - and unless they offer that special spark of magic, we politely decline. 

Every room we create is designed to trigger little imaginations - what would a child think when they step inside? How would they play and interact with their surroundings and everything in it? And most importantly, will it make them smile? 

You see, at Bobby Rabbit we don't just offer playful products for children and grown ups to love and cherish - we offer the inspiration to style and create magical spaces that kids will remember for years to come: spaces that they'll love, and you will love too. We call them our Bedtime Stories.

The inspiration behind Treasure Island was an old rattan toy chest that we spotted in an antique store one Saturday afternoon. We wondered what it had been used for, and how many favourite toys and treasures had been stored away inside it... What if we filled it with our own little treasures? What if it became a real life treasure box?

Soft Toys, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above (from left to right):

Ray Zebra soft toy: £44.00.
Cosmo Octopus soft toy: £79.00.
Ellie Jellyfish soft toy: £15.00.
Sol Squid soft toy: £20.00.
Larry Lobster soft toy: £22.00.
Sheldon Shrimp soft toy: £15.00.
Crispin Crab soft toy: £23.00.
Vinnie Shark soft toy: £49.00.
Riceaahaah soft toy: £25.00.
Leo Lava soft toy: £58.00.
Miss Lala Lava soft toy: £58.00.

It was around the same time that we spotted this amazing bed from Denmark - just like our best-selling 'My House' bed but offering extra security and cosiness with the 'fence' all around it. What if this bed became a shipwreck on a desert island...?

Colour-wise, our aim was to stay bold and unisex - we love blue and mint, but we wanted to experiment by mixing in shades of pink, coral and bright orange, as well as contrasting natural colours and materials to match the bed. 

These amazing new raffia baskets in mint, blue and pink, and turquoise and fuchsia spot have the most beautiful stitched leather handles, and suited the room just perfectly: 

Children’s Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Raffia Basket Mint: £30.00.
Raffia Basket Turquoise Spot: £35.00.
Raffia Basket Blue: £30.00.
Little Seahorse Light Blue: £12.00.
Little Seahorse Light Mint: £12.00.
The Hello Atlas: £16.99.

And how could we resist the brand new colourways of our favourite rattan 'luggy baskets' by Olli Ella (also available in the loveliest shade of soft rose pink):

Olli Ella Luggy Baskets and Soft Toys, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Luggy Basket Straw: £49.00.
Luggy Baket Mint: £49.00.
Tallulah Doll: £53.00.
Riceaahaah soft toy: £25.00.
Ricesavanna soft toy: £25.00.

The result is a fun, playful space that really tells a story - bright and colourful yet sophisticated in use of colour: most definitely our favourite room of the season!

And our favourite product...? Hard to choose, but if we really had to, it would probably be Vinnie Shark! A floor cushion, a bed cushion, a pillow, a travel buddy - and he's even accompanied by the sweetest little fishy to pop into his mouth when he gets hungry. 

Vinnie Shark Soft Toy by Meri Meri, styled by Bobby Rabbit.If you love what you see, why not head on over to explore our Treasure Island room now, and shop the look. Just watch out for that giant octopus...

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